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Feb 7, 2013
@ 2:11 pm

In October 1982, an exhibition series was played at Jamshil stadium in Seoul, South Korea between the MBC Blue Dragons and an “MLB” team, which was actually comprised of minor leaguers from the Atlanta Braves/Chicago Cubs organizations.  Oh, yes, and I almost forgot…A couple of other American baseball players came, too. 

The following comment was left on the Youtube video by Ron Grout, one of the “MLB” players in the series. 

The purpose of the trip was this….the Korean professional league had only been in existence for a few years and they wanted to play an American professional team to see how good they were. The Braves couldn’t take the big league team so they put a group of AAA AA players together to play the Koreans. We took Hank Aaron, Ernie Banks and Billy Williams with us to draw bigger crowds. It was a great time. I think we won 5 games and they won 4, not sure. Finally, great pay…my name is Ron Grout.

Check out the 16:14 mark when a 51 year old Ernie Banks gets an at-bat!

A very big h/t to Dan (@mykbo on twitter) for posting this incredible video!