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Feb 22, 2013
@ 6:42 pm

Houston Astros Anagrams – Part III

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Bo Porter – Probe Rot, Robot Rep, Retro Bop.

Chris Carter – Starch Ricer, Rich Craters.


Brad Peacock – Ace Backdrop, Packed Cobra, Crab Cake Pod, Baked Cop Car, Pack Coed Bra, A Bad Cock Rep, Brad Apecock.

Che Hsuan Lin – Launch Shine, Unleash Chin, Aliens Hunch, Shh…I Unclean, He’s In A Lunch.


Erik Bedard – Bearded Irk, Baked Rider, I Barked Red, I Bred Drake, Rad Beer Kid

Justin Maxwell – Ax Men Just Will, Us Want Jell Mix, Swam In Jell Tux, Me Law Jinx Slut, We All Jinx Smut.


Nate Freiman – Animate Fern, Trainman Fee, Anti-Freeman, Ain’t Freeman, A Tan Firemen, Fart In Enema, Eaten In Farm, Ant Men Afire, Team Ran Fine.

Matt Dominguez – Tamed Gizmo Nut, Mud Zit Montage, A Dozen Mitt Mug, Tug Zone Dammit, Omit Nutmeg Adz.


Alex White – Whale Exit, A Wet Helix, Taxi Wheel, The Wax Lie.

Tyler Greene – Re-entry Glee, Tree Greenly, Leery Regent